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Statname is the new tracking website for cash games and it is currently free!

As you are aware it is very inportant to know who is winning our loosing before taking a shot into a NLH table this days. Statname will be a good help in this.

Main Page

With this website you will be able to know who is the biggest winner/looser by stake and room.

Tracked Sites:, Chico Network (, Winning Poker Network (blackchip poker), 888poker and Microgaming (redstar poker).

Available stats:

VPIP, PFR, BB/100, total winnings $ and total hands

Cbet, CBETip, CbetOOP, Fvcbet, FvcbetIP, 3bet, Bet, x/r and AFQ.


Results will be shown very clearly.
You can have all time results, montly and by stakes:

main results
results detailed

Pay them a visit and take a look into this new world of stats!

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