Simple PreFlop Holdem Review

A solid preflop game is key to a good poker strategy. This program helps you getting the best strategy. Here’s our Simple PreFlop Holdem review!

Until recently, ranges were made on the basis of experienced players’ intuition and then copied by the rest of the players. Later on, came the solvers which require huge computing resources (250G + of RAM,…) for pre-flop trees.

Nowadays, with Simple PreFlop Holdem, nearly every player equipped with a good PC can do their own simulations and adjustments.

100bbs BTN OR 2.5x - Rake 5% CAP 0.6bbs
100bbs BTN OR 2.5x – Rake 5% CAP 0.6bbs

Simple PreFlop Holdem has the capacity to simulate games between 2-10 handed and it covers every option for NLH, from cash games, where one can insert structures of different rakes, to ICM and Bounty tournaments included in the simulations.

One of the greatest advantages is the time required for tree processing. Those of you who have already simulated pre-flop games know that weeks of waiting are rather common. They were common!

As an example, it took us 41 minutes to simulate the OR of BTN strategy and answers of SB and BB with the option of 2.5x or fold and 3bets to 4x. It must be noted that when BTN folds the SB vs BB is also solved /simulated???. We used an AMD Ryzen 9 3950x 4.7 GHZ processor and 31 of the 32 colors available.

When the strategies of Simple PreFlop Holdem are compared with ranges bought from made with MonkerSolver, these are the results:


SB vs BTN 2.5x
SB vs BTN 2.5x

BB vs BTN 2.5x
BB vs BTN 2.5x

As we write, these ranges cost about 759$ on Such a price easily demonstrates how difficult it was to calculate them.

At present, Simple PreFlop Holdem costs 250$ a year. Using our link, you can buy it with a 10% discount. Click on the image to buy!

buy SPF
buy SPH

Another advantage is the size of the generated trees; occupying just 356kb it allows us to save the strategy above as an example.

We hope this information has been useful. Have a look at our review of the SimpleGTO Trainer as well!

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