Simple GTO Trainer – Review

Simple Poker is a company dedicated mainly to gto solver and solutions both for pos and pre flop.

We recently started using GTO Trainer and got a mindblowing experience. GTO Trainer allows you to play against pre defined trees our against your own trees, both from simple pos flop solver or pio solver.

drill mode BB vs BT SRP

Having already the sims in a folder after doing our script we can use them in two different modes, “drill game” and “regular training”.

The drill makes us play a specific node of the tree. Imagine we choose BTN vs BB, BB reacting to a cbet of a x size. We will choose if we call raise or fold and after that we play another hand in the same spot.

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choosing a mode – simple gto trainer

In the regular training we play the whole strategy from the begining of the hand to its end. We choose to check OOP and then if we cbet or not. Then we play the rest of the tree, until we reach a fold or a showdown.

We suggest the drill to work on a specific leak in your game and the regular training to a more general study of a strategy.

It cost is residual compared to the large improves it can make to your study process if you are already into a GTO game plan and consequasely playing mid/high stakes.

prices with our discount – simple gto trainer

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