What is Rakeback in Poker?


In all real money Poker games, the poker rooms take a percentage from the pot (at the end of every cash game hand) or from the entrance buy in (in tournaments), this is called rake, that you can get back as rakeback!

These fees go from 5% per pot (at cash games) or 10% per buy in (in tournaments) and it’s from these fees that poker rooms make revenue.



It is considered Rakeback all the amount that the player gets back from the fees he paid. This amount often is paid in points (that can later be exchanged for money) , or by external agents, like Bonusrakeback.com.

The amount of rakeback depends on the poker room, but usually is between 20 to 35%.

Poker, as you know, is a game of small edges, so oftentimes rakeback makes the difference at the end of the month.

Let’s assume a player has 0 return, doesn’t win nor loses.

If he makes $500 in rake during one month, at the end of that month he can get back between $100 or $175.

Being the game so hard nowadays, choosing a poker room with a good rakeback is very important for any long-term player. We are here to help you make that choice!

How to get rakeback?

To get rakeback at a BonusRakeback partner poker room, you only need to create an account through our links, or with our bonus codes. In some cases, you’ll get rakeback in points, and in other cases we will transfer the money to you at the end of each month – in this case you should contact BonusRakeback.com team so that you can give us your information, in order to make these transactions.

Now, you just need to play Poker as usual.

In Portugal:

At this moment, in Portugal, we only have two poker rooms available, being 888 poker the one with the best rakeback. At 888 you’ll get rakeback in VIP points. Register now!

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