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Statname is a website that offers a service that allows users to track the statistics of players in cash games across multiple online poker platforms, including PokerStars, PokerBros, 888Poker, Chico Poker Network, iPoker, and GG Poker. This makes it an excellent resource for players looking to get a comprehensive view of the competition on these sites.

One of the great things about is that it offers a free plan for users who want to access data up to NL/PLO 25 stakes. This means that players can get a lot of value out of the site without having to pay anything. However, for those who are looking for even more data and features, the site also offers paid plans that provide access to higher stakes and additional tools and features.

stefan1122 cash games results on pokerstars. stats by statname
stefan1122 cash games results on pokerstars. stats by statname

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In addition to the free plan, Statname offers three paid subscription options: Premium, Pro, and Ultimate. Each of these plans offers different levels of access to the site’s data and tools, so users can choose the one that best meets their needs.

Here is an overview of the available subscription options:

Free plan: Access to data up to NL/PLO 25 stakes
NL50 plan: Access to data up to NL/PLO 50 stakes, costs $10.5/month
NL100 plan: Access to data up to NL/PLO 100 stakes, costs $21.5/month
Ultimate plan: Access to data at any stakes, all features and tools, costs $36/month

Overall, is an excellent resource for poker players looking to track their own progress or to keep an eye on the competition. With its comprehensive database of player statistics and a range of subscription options to suit different needs, it is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to take their game seriously.

With this website you will be able to know who is the biggest winner/looser by stake and room.

Statname Tracked Poker Sites :, Chico Network (, PokerBros (pokerapp) 888poker, Ipoker and GGPoker.

detailed stats - statname
detailed stats – statname


Statistics will be shown very clearly.
You can have all time results, montly and by stakes:

results detailed
results detailed

It is also possible to have acesso to very detailed stats that can show you how your oponnent is playing. You can see tabs like PFR, CC, 3bet, Cbet and vs Cbet with specific stats in each one.

PFR Tab with OR and vs 3bet ip/oop
PFR Tab with OR and vs 3bet ip/oop
cbets tab - statname
cbets tab


Autopaste tool helps you a lot while you are in game and looking to search for a player. Basacly it autopastes any word you have in your pc memory into the site and auto searches that player.

autopaste option - statname
autopaste option – statname

Pay them a visit and take a look into this new world of stats!

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