$109 Sunday Million

PokerStars just changed it´s major sunday tournament – sunday million – to $109.
The guaranteed is the same but now instead of 5.000 players it will need 10.000.

At pokerstars blog, the biggest room in the world tells us about some of the differences and the things that will remain the same:

image “pokerstars.com”

Structure might change a bit later on, in order to achieve two things:
” 1) To make sure the average stack at the start of the final table remains about the same
2) Prevent the tournament from lasting significantly longer “

After this all will remain the same, the tournament starts at the 25/50/5 blind level with 10.000 chips. You can still reentry for 3h15min and blind levels are 12min until level 10 and 15min after that.

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